Based on public documents and family member recollections
1897 Emmanuel Pokhias (biological grandfather) was born in Italy. (Bio-grandfather) Educated in Rhodes, Greece during the Italian Occupation in 1912
1906 Mary (maiden name unknown) Pokhias (biological grandmother) was born in Italy. Met and married Emmanuel Pokhias in Rhodes, Greece.
1920 Emmanuel Pokhias immigrates to Yorkville, OH
1927 Mary Pokhias immigrates to Yorkville, OH
1928 Emanuel (one "m") Papademetriou (Pappas) is born. He became the husband of Pauline Pokhias, daughter of Emmauel & Mary Pokhias
Wednesday, August 01, 1928 Pauline Pokhias was born in Yorkville, OH
Friday, January 10, 1930 William Pokhias was born in Yorkville, OH
Friday, June 27, 1930 Viola Jane Kontras was born in Martins Ferry, OH
1946 Emanuel Papademetriou (Pappas) immigrates to Ambridge, PA from Rhodes, Greece
1947 Emanuel Papademetriou (Pappas) moves to Baltimore, MD to be with his father. First worked in the bakery department of Western Maryland Dairy.
Wednesday, August 04, 1948 William enters the Army. He residence is listed as 2317 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD
1948 William's sister, Pauline, marries Emanuel Papademetriou (Pappas) in an arranged marriage by their families - both of whom were from Rhodes, Greece
Monday, January 10, 1949 William Pokhias and Viola Kontras are married in Columbus, OH
Tuesday, November 08, 1949 William is discharged from the Army
1950-52 William is working as a cobbler on West Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio in a shoe repair shop that was financed by mom's two oldest brothers, Gus and Bill
Sunday, November 26, 1950 The "1st" Michael Pokhias is born to William and Viola Pokhias
1951 Emanuel (Papademetriou) Pappas, husband of Pauline (Pokhias) Pappas, becomes a naturalized citizen
Monday, January 28, 1952 Nicholas Pokhias is born to William and Viola Pokhias
Monday, April 21, 1952 William re-enlists in the Army, deserting his wife and two baby boys.
Thursday, February 04, 1954 William is discharged from the Army
Early 1957 William is photographed working in a shoe repair shop in Kansas City, Missouri
Mid 1956 Nick and I meet William for the first time as he is traveling through Columbus. Later that same day, he calls mom and asks her to bring the family to Baltimore, MD. We do not go.
Early 1958 Viola's divorce petition from William Pokhias is granted on the grounds of desertion
Monday, March 24, 1958 Mom has our names legally changed back to her maiden name, Kontras (William signs the legal documents)[1]
Sunday, January 24, 1960 William Pokhias marries Elsie Christal in Columbia, Missouri
January, 1961 The "2nd" Michael Pokhias is born to William and Elsie in Columbia, Missouri
Monday, April 29, 1963 Gregory Pokhias is born to William and Elsie in Columbia, MS
1965 Steven Pokhias is born to William and Elsie in Columbia, MS
December, 1966 Nick and I see William for the second and last time in Columbus, OH. He was already married to Elsie by then and had a son named Michael Pokhias. He never mentions either of these things during his visit with us. He did say he still cared a lot about mom and us.
1971 William suddenly moves family from Columbia, MS to Cornville, AZ
1973 William experiences his first heart attack at 43 years old
March, 1977 Gregory Pokhias dies at the age of 13 in Cornville, AZ, from being hit by a school bus while waiting at the bus stop, playing with friends. His older brother, Michael Pokhias, was there, but could not prevent the accident. 
1980 The "2nd" Michael Pokhias is baptized in Greece at age 19
Sunday, July 28, 1991 William Pokhias dies from his second heart attack at age 61 in Yavapai County, AZ
Saturday, August 03, 1991 William was buried at Johnson Cemetery, New Cambria, MS. It was a military funeral service. His gravestone says PFC William E. Pokhias.
Friday, October 25, 1991 Emanuel (Papademetriou) Pappas, husband of Pauline (Pokhias) Pappas dies from a stroke at Johns Hopkins Hospital at 63 years old
Friday, July 14, 2006 Viola Jane Petikas (Kontras/Pokhias) dies at 76 years old from pancreatic cancer
Thursday, April 21, 2011 Receive first communication via Facebook from Amy Pokhias, granddaughter of William Pokhias and daughter of the "2nd" Michael Pokhias
Saturday, April 23, 2011 Speak with Amy Pokhias for the first time by phone at 4:30pm est
Saturday, June 04, 2011 Spoke again with Amy Pokhias at 1pm
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 First contact via Facebook Messaging with the 2nd Michael Pokhias
Sunday, June 03, 2012 Phone conversation with 2nd Michael Pokhias at approximately 2:10pm
Friday, May 24, 2013 Pauline Pappas (Papademetriou), older sister of William Pokhias and dear friend of mom's dies at 84 years old

Adam's first wife, Burgundee is the granddaughter of the attorney that handled the name change, Stan Darling