No one said it was going to be easy.
The idea of a group of musicians gathering to create a cover band is certainly not a new concept. However, performing every tune with the musical attention-to-detail found only in the best "tribute" bands is certainly not the goal of most cover bands.
This is what defined POWERLINE.
The project began late in 2008. After extensive discussions on the direction the band would take, the two forming members set out to find talent capable of performing music at a high level - not an easy task when you're location is not one of the country's music hotspots such as New York, Nashville, Los Angeles or Chicago.
Through all of 2009, the original members made initial contacts with over 70 musicians, auditioning nearly half of them, before finding the four needed to complete the group.
Early in 2010, work on a promotional CD began. Selecting five songs from their repertoire, the goal was to introduce POWERLINE as the quintessential cover band, displaying their wide array of vocal and instrumental talent, which was second-to-none in the Midwest and beyond.
POWERLINE quickly became one of the Midwest's premier rock groups. It was the unique choice for Corporate Functions, Golf Outings, Car Shows, Grand Openings and any other events as well as larger clubs and outside gatherings such as Fairs and Festivals. POWERLINE brought great live music to audiences of all ages with a professionalism and enthusiasm rarely seen in today's musical groups. Outstanding vocals and top-notch instrumentation sets the group apart from many of its counterparts in the industry.
The group amicably decided to go their separate ways in 2011. Tom went with a rock-fusion group. Jonathan stayed in Columbus and went to work with a cover band doing similar material to Powerline's. Steve was sought after by a very good heavy rock group. Paul joined an 1980's Hair Band tribute group. Kenny went to work on original music, working with Michael in the studio. Michael was sought after by three other bands: a Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks Tribute Band, a Classic Rock group and a group that was extremely popular for two decades that was reforming.
TOM SHIELDS is the powerful bass guitarist for the band. He brings lead and background vocal power to the band's sound,as well.
KENNY NEFF is by far one of Central Ohio's top-notch lead guitarists. He also brings additional vocal strength to the band.
STEVE SAYRE has three decades of professional experience, and brings his remarkable skills to the band's
musical foundation.
JONATHAN GARCIA is known in Central Ohio as "Journey Jonathan." He earns the name with superb vocal ability that seems almost limitless.
PAUL BERNARD is the band's other extremely talented lead guitarist and acoustic guitarist. He also provides excellent vocals.
MICHAEL KONTRAS is the highly experienced keyboardist and further enhances the group's sound with lead and background vocals.